July 20th (Monday)

Publication of the Supplementary Regulations

August 7th (Friday)

09h00 – Opening of the entries

Publication of the Rally Guide

October 9th (Friday)

18h00 – Closing of the entries at reduced price

October 16th (Friday)

18h00 – Closing of the entries

October 30th (Friday)

18h00 Publication of the Entry List

November 3rd (Tuesday)

17h00 – Closing of the Secretariat at Lisbon

November 5th (Thursday)

Administrative Checks and Scurteneering

Qualifying Stage (SS1) RECCE

November 6th (Friday)


SS2 (80 km)

November 7th (Saturday)

SS3 AUTO (180 km)

SS4 AUTO (170 km)

SS3 MOTO / QUAD / SSV (330 Km)

SS2 Hobby (200 km)

Mini Baja (100 km)

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